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Screen Rescue

Natural Screen Cleaner


Screen Rescue is an all natural screen cleaner and treatment for all types of electronic screens. We utilize nanotechnology to remove smudges, grime, and even the toughest residue from any phone screen. It also helps remove bacteria that can accumulate on your phone screen, including those cause the flu, common cold, and other illnesses.

Screen Rescue also works as an ongoing screen treatment. Our unique screen nano-coating helps prevent new dirt and bacteria from sticking; so your screen stays cleaner, longer. Best of all, It works on any kind of screen, including those with screen protectors.

Keep your phone display looking clear and your screen clean and dirt free. Order Screen Rescue today!

All-Natural & Worry-Free


Screen Rescue has no harsh chemical ingredients and is completely non-toxic. This makes it the best, worry free choice for you and your family. We also believe in being environmentally conscious; with all natural, bio-degradable ingredients and minimalist packaging, we do our part to reduce our Eco-footprint.

Powerful Cleaning Nanotechnology

Screen Rescue is a green product and uses optimal nanotechnology to help improve your life. Clean screens keep you healthier and Screen Rescue allows your screen to stay cleaner for longer, by replacing dirt and filth with a nano-coating directly on the screen.

Anti-Static &
Smudge Control


Static charging can cause electric shocks, failure of sensitive electronics, dust clinging to surfaces and difficulties handling small samples. Eliminating or preventing static charging will also reduce the amount of dust particles attracted to the charged surfaces.

A USA Made Versatile

Made, packaged and sold stateside, Screen Rescue is not just for your screens! Screen Rescue also works as an eyeglass cleaner, on musical instruments, and on household surfaces. And since it’s all natural and non-toxic, you can feel safe using around your family and pets.

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Screen Rescue

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